Show for Teatro Zinzanni Tonight

Show for Teatro Zinzanni Tonight

First all, I hope everyone is enjoying the new website layout. I will be continuing to update and tweak the design to make it the best site that it can be. Also, wanted to let everyone know that my email at is functioning again.

Now the exciting stuff! Tonight is my second show as a contracted performer for Teatro Zinzanni!  If you know what TZ is, then undoubtedly you understand what an exhilarating achievement that is.  For the others, Teatro Zinzanni can be summed up as Cirque meets Cabaret, meets farce, meets dinner.  The performers in their weekend shows are world-class acrobats, clowns, jugglers, strongmen, comedians, singers, magicians, and variety artists.  It’s a bewitching and surreal cast to be apart of, even for a night.  The talent is absolutely incredible.

Tonight I will be performing at the Galleria downtown.  One other performer and myself will be tasked with entertaining a group of several hundred meeting planners.  It’s a close-up performance (or as TZ refers to it “animation”), which is always alot of fun since I really get to interact and meet new people.  Also, the Galleria is just a fantastic work of architectural genius, and I’ve heard great things about the themed decorations for the night.  It’s always nice to perform in beautiful environments.

As I’ve stated recently, I have a plethora of new material which I’m going to be introducing into my walk-around set tonight.  I’ll be posting some of my thoughts on those routines the day after as to how it went.  TZ is a company which really appreciates the spectacle of performance, so I’ll be featuring a lot of new, hyper visual feats tonight.  “Animation” was a theme I stuck to a lot at my first show with them, where I performed effects such a swirling, levitating playing card, my rope routine where the ends of the rope vanish and reappear, and my newest piece (at that time) where the very ink on playing cards would visually move to form into a previously selected card.

Tonight I’m again going to focus on visual magic, and will be featuring “Come Together” (see here), a very visual effect where a pen melts through a dollar bill, some insane new coin magic, and an effect where the deck cuts itself to a selected card.

Again, check back tomorrow to see how it went.  Also, I’m working on the June issue of my newsletter, the Encore.  Like my website, the newsletter is also receiving a face lift.  If you aren’t signed up to receive it, please email me at and request to get it!


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