June issue of the Encore

June issue of the Encore

I’ve been very busy today giving the Ryan Horsfall Encore Newsletter a face lift to match the new website. The new layout increases content and looks a whole lot better. In the June 2010 issue learn more about the improvements to RyanHorsfall.com, get links to some great ways to improve your website’s effectivness, and find out how to get tickets to my friend Christian Cagigal’s new magic show Obscura.  Be sure and sign up to receive the monthly newsletter by emailing me.

The show for Teatro Zinzanni at the Galleria was last night.  Meeting planners are an interesting bunch to perform for.  These are men and women who’s livelihoods rely on knowing and building relationships with everyone.  As such, they are masters of holding conversation while constantly scanning the room for more important people.  They have shifty eyes but still retain everything in a conversation, even a performance.  I would perform an effect, while they scanned the room, yet at the end they would still understand exactly what happened in the effect.  (Magicians know that this is incredibly surprising.  For magic to work, the audience needs to see every step of the effect.  If not the magic “effect” may not even happen since they may have missed a key part of the action like a card being placed in the middle of the deck or my hands being shown completely empty before a coin appears.)  Alcohol and conversation easied them in and I gave them a great performance.  My client assured the other performer (a very talented clown, juggler and circus artist named Jan Damm) and I that we gave a “great show,” so I left very happy.


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