Upcoming Street Show

Upcoming Street Show

I’m very excited to be hitting the pavement again with my magic!  Come see my street performances at the Divisadero Farmer’s Market this Sunday, June 13th from 10 AM to 2 PM.  There is no admission to the public, but tips are encouraged.  The market is located at Divisadero and Grove street in San Francisco.

As many know, some of my first steps into the professional entertainment arena were through street performing.  This type of theatre has a rich history and practice which often goes unseen and unappreciated by popular culture.  Street performing or “busking” is actually a very viable and lucrative career path, one which I myself have considered at one point or another.

My first illusion show back in 2007, Poof! An Evening of Magic, Comedy, Dance and Illusion, featured a pieced dedicated to my respect of street performing and the people who choose to make it a career.  I choose to perform a variety of venues, mostly corporate, but I also enjoy the challenge, thrill, and freedom of fighting for my audience on the streets.

Here is my Street Cups and Balls routine from my 2007 illusion show.  Enjoy, and I hope to see you and entertain you at my show this Sunday!


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