New Pictures!

New Pictures!

The proofs from my photo shoot with Bryan Tan last week are in. With his permission I’ve used the proofs throughout the site. Higher quality pictures (as if these ones aren’t high quality enough!) will be replacing them in a few weeks. Bryan is a very talented photographer, and I’m happy that I have yet another shoot with him coming up. He’s a master of his craft with a very precise sense of space and lighting. His engaging profile at his website caught my attention and I immediately met and booked him. Wanted to forward his name and contact information on to any who might be interested in quality when it comes to their photographs.

On the personal side, this week has been incredibly exciting for me.  I will be moving into a fantastic new place at the end of the month.  The Inner Richmond is a little more what I had envisioned when I decided to move to San Francisco from Elk Grove.  Daly City, SFSU, and the Sunset are great and all, but they don’t always feel like “The City.”  I look forward to living a block away from Geary with no roommates to distract me from what I’m looking to accomplish.

This past weekend gave me the chance to perform a ton of great new magic.  Congratulations to the class of 2010, performing for your grad nights have been exciting as always.  I’ve always felt that I’m a perfect fit for the grad night audience since I was in their shoes not too long ago (and my little brother’s in them now!)

And to top it all off I turn 21 on Friday, June 18th.  I would like to thank David Jaffe for giving me an early birthday present by announcing Twisted Metal for PS3.  Favorite game series of all time.


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