October Encore Newsletter

October Encore Newsletter

The October issue of the Ryan Horsfall Encore Newsletter is complete and can be read online here!

Unfortunately do to a carjacking last month where my computer was stolen, some of the newer recipients of the Newsletter may not be receiving the newsletter directly to their email. If you didn’t receive the newsletter, please accept my apologies. Send me a quick message at magician@ryanhorsfall.com and I will be sure to fix the problem for future issues.

The carjacking is also the reason for the lack of a September issue of the encore.

But to make up for that, this issue is a monster at six pages! Inside you will find information on my new show run at the Callson Manor in Roseville California on October 10th, 14th, 16th and 16th. For more information and tickets, please visit callsonmanor.com.

For the professional readers, there’s an article about being original with your business cards, and a few ideas to get you going.

For my magician readers I’ve included my review of Aaron Fisher’s lecture in San Francisco. Also be sure and check out the return of Christian Cagigal’s show Obscura.

Hope you enjoy, and be sure not to leave your computer in your car! That is my advice for the month!


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