Tips on Planing a Company Holiday Party (With a Magician)

Tips on Planing a Company Holiday Party (With a Magician)

Tips on Booking A Magician for Your Company Holiday Party


Be sure to encourage your coworkers to bring their significant other to the party. Doing so will increase the attendance for the party, not only because of the doubled invite list, but because your coworkers are more likely to attend if they know that their sweetie won’t be left home alone that night. Having spouses around will also keep work talk to a minimum and allow everyone to relax and enjoy the party. Also, your coworkers are more likely to think twice before having that third glass of wine if their husband or wife is present.

From a magic perspective, spouses are great to have in the audience because they aren’t worried about being fooled in front of their bosses. This rubs off on everyone at the party, and image focused coworkers tend to loosen up and enjoy the magic far more.


Let everyone know ahead of time of what they can look forward to at the party. Inform them that there will be a magician there, (and talk him or her up as best you can), and of any other entertainment or activities you have planned. Let them know of any alcohol rules (or lack thereof) beforehand as well. You want everyone to know that you’ve put a great deal of thought and effort into making this enjoyable for them and that it isn’t going to be a boring night. Get them excited!


During the holidays, people have a number of potential commitments grasping for their limited time. Planning your party for a weeknight decreases the odds that it will conflict with your coworkers’ other commitments. This increases attendance and lowers stress for everyone.

Planning your party for a weekday also increases the chance that your first choice magician, caterer, venue, DJ, etc. will be available. You don’t want to be stuck with an inferior service provider because the best in the field is already booked the weekend you were hoping for.


Book everything as early as you can. The holidays are the busiest time of year for most event professionals. There are countless companies all trying to book a limited number of dates. The sooner you can secure your entertainer, caterer, and venue the better.

Booking early also allows you to begin setting expectations and raising the hype for your 2012 holiday party! Something tells me it’s going to be one for the books!

Have any additional questions about planning a holiday party? Want to book magician Ryan Horsfall for your company holiday party? Please let us know! Contact information is available below.


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