The 4 Biggest Causes of a Lame Party

The 4 Biggest Causes of a Lame Party


I’ve attended and performed at hundreds of parties in my career, and the lamest parties all have these 4 things in common. Don’t let your party be one of them with these 4 common pitfalls in party planning.


Remember the last time you were hungry? Like really hungry? It’s all you can think about. It keeps you from focusing at work, ruins your mood on your drive home, and can distract you from having a good time- even if you want to!

Be sure to meet this most basic of your guests’ needs by making plenty of food, and food options, available to your guests. And keep in mind that these days, a vegetarian option is a must.

And budget conscious party planners don’t worry: it doesn’t have to be a fully catered feast. You can never go wrong offering affordable classics such as chips and salsa or vegetables and ranch. Such a simple addition can mean the world to guests who have a slight case of the munchies.

Leftover food also makes great thank you favors for those who helped plan and set up the party!


I have been raising this point since my college party days. Nothing kills a party’s mood like too much light. It’s not that you want people sneaking off into the corners to behave less than decently… you want to merely entertain the idea that they might be able to.

People relax more when they don’t have the pressure of bright light on them. I guarantee that you will have less wall flowers and more conversations by simply dimming the lights a bit.

Indirect light is the way to set a great party atmosphere. Look at how all the trendy nightspots are set up. They bounce light off of ceilings and walls to provide visibility, but still retain a relaxed yet exciting atmosphere.


Music is a safety net for struggling parties, and struggling party guests. It automatically keeps the energy up, and gives party guests something to enjoy, interact with, or at the very least talk about.

The type and volume of the music will be specific to each party, but technology makes these things a breeze. You don’t have to spend time creating playlists- just create a Spotify or Pandora account (both are free) choose a song you like and you’re set!


People go to a lot of parties. What makes yours stand out?

There’s a billion answers to this question. Having a theme is an easy way to shake things up. Games or ice-breakers can also get things started or keep the moment rolling along, (Be careful though, party games walk a thin line between tremendous fun and terribly patronizing).

Dancing should be a feature, or at least an option, at most any party. But keep in mind- it is very difficult to get people to dance if there is too much light. (It’s even more difficult if there’s no music!)

And of course offering professional entertainment always gives guests an incentive to attend, stay late, and enjoy the party more. There’s a ton of options here, some tried and true such as live music and magic, and some more novel such as midget strippers and sword swallowers.

Have any additional questions about planning a party? Want to book magician Ryan Kane for your next party? Please let us know! Contact information is available below.


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