Live Entertainment for Your Event

Live Entertainment for Your Event


Are you considering booking live entertainment for an upcoming event you are planning? Whether you are still on the fence or already researching possible entertainment options, here are a few tips to aid you in your process.

But first, please consider the two biggest benefits of featuring live entertainment at your event:


A live show will always trump YouTube and a live band will always beat out Pandora. Live entertainment simply makes any event substantially more memorable– and isn’t that what we are going for? To deliver your guests live entertainment, especially when they aren’t expecting it, goes a long way on making your event stand out from the rest. This explains the popularity of live entertainers at events such as weddings, product launches and holiday parties. Savvy event planners realize the goodwill and value live entertainment provides for those guests, so they make sure to feature entertainers as often as possible to make their events stand out.


I’ve performed at a wide range of different types of events in my career, and I have noticed a few patterns. For instance, quite frequently a guest will remark that the only reason he or she attended the function was because they had heard I would be performing. Not me specifically, I am hardly a household name, but the offering of live entertainment was the tipping point in their decision to attend the event. Featuring and promoting live entertainment at your event can likely increase your turnouts as well.


There are dozens of types of live entertainment out there, and thousands of individual performers. What and who are the best fit for your event? Here are a few general tips to make this easier:

  • Often the choice in entertainment can be simplified to generational; a 90’s band will obviously appeal more to a younger audience than a senior one.
  • Rely on comedic live entertainment for events with a large age range. Comedy spans all generations.
  • Don’t think that live entertainment has to be big and spectacular. I’ve seen a sole caricature artist make a major impact due to the one-on-one nature of his performance. Magicians can do the same thing.
  • Live entertainment should be promoted ahead of time to increase attendance. Feature your performer on party invites, Facebook event pages, etc.
  • Wedding bands are often recognized for their ability to emcee alongside their performance. Many other entertainers do the same. Check with your live entertainment to see what it would take for them to also emcee your event. The added professionalism behind the microphone will be noticed.
  • Be sure to book a photographer, or at least toss a friend a camera, to document the live entertainment and your guests reactions to it.
  • Book your live entertainment early. The better the act, the farther in advance you often need to contact them to secure a date.

Ryan Kane provides positive, memorable experiences for your guests using magic, humor and social interaction. This is high caliber magic presented with a modern, playful flair.

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