3 Simple Team Building Exercises

3 Simple Team Building Exercises


Savvy event organizers understand the importance of using team building exercises to unite and motivate new and existing team members. Team building exercises also make for excellent ice breakers for social events such as company parties or even wedding receptions.

Here are my picks for the top 3 team building exercises for small to medium sized groups. I’ve chosen these particular exercises because they are simple yet effective and do not put participants in patronizing or possibly embarrassing situations. Please enjoy responsibly!


RULES: Each player introduces himself or herself to the group by saying two truthful statements and one lie, in whichever order they like. The group then guesses which of the statements is the lie. The player admits which one was the lie, and the game continues with the next player introducing themselves. Players should be encouraged to try to pick as extraordinary true statements as they can, so that the lie can be better hidden.

WHY IT IS AWESOME: This team building exercise is simple, quick, and lots of fun. It is great for groups of 10-15. Larger attendances should be split into smaller groups. The truth statements open the door for more interesting conversation further down the line among group members.


RULES: The group is sorted into smaller teams of 3-6. Each team is challenged with constructing an egg package that can protect an egg from a fall of 8ft. Construction materials include simple things such as paper, string, straws, pipe cleaners, popsicle sticks, balloons, plastic spoons, paper plates, newspaper, etc. It is important that all teams have access to the same building materials. Eggs can be wrapped in a single ziplock bag to cut down on the splatter factor.

WHY IT IS AWESOME: Few team building exercises are as captivating, or messy, as The Great Egg Drop. The exercise brings out a playful competitiveness among players, and inspires creativity and solid execution of ideas. You also get the added drama of chucking eggs off a ladder.


RULES: This is a simple bonding exercise among new employees or group members. Each player simply tells a short horror story about their worst or first job. Other players are encouraged = to commentate and/or relate the stories as they feel fit.

WHY IT IS AWESOME: Everyone has worked less than desirable jobs, and letting group members bond over such experiences is a safe and effective way to build a team atmosphere. It also helps mark the beginning of a new


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