Gala Entertainment

This is a Secret Page

If you you are reading this, it means you are busy planning for your own upcoming gala or award dinner.

There are numerous questions YOU need to answer: Is the venue secured? Who will be speaking? How will the staff be trained? When are the best dates? What hotel deals can we arrange?

Those are great questions. But they all lead to the single most important question.

How are YOU going to get people excited about your gala so they will attend and tell their friends? (Before, and after your event!)

Without an answer to this question, the success of your gala could be in jeopardy.
However, you have found this secret page, so you already have the answer.

Ryan Kane provides the exciting gala entertainment you are looking for. Whether it is close up at your reception, or onstage between speakers, Ryan Kane provides that extra punch to guarantee that your guests have something to talk about, and look forward to.

Ryan Kane is your secret weapon to make your gala stand out. Please Enjoy Responsibly.
There’s a whole page of testimonials of Ryan’s ability to deliver, but here are a handful which come from gala organizers just like you:
  • I would not hesitate to hire Ryan again. I highly recommend him as a professional entertainer for any future events you may be planning. Your guests will not be disappointed.

    Sacramento State UniversityLisa Rogers, University Concierge

  • I have hired Ryan for three occasions, all with great success.

    WTAS LLC.Yi Shepard, Managing Director

  • Thank you [Ryan] for being here, I think you really added a special touch to the event… I will definitely keep you in mind for future events. You did a great job and Thank You again.

    Discovery Bay Golf and Country ClubJenelle Tissot, Event Coordinator

Ryan Kane is unlike any other magician, or any other entertainer, you may have used in the past.

YOU will hear about the positive impact Ryan Kane made at your conference, GUARANTEED!


The first step in making this year’s gala the best one yet is simple.

Contact Ryan now to check his availability for your upcoming gala.