One Man Show


What makes Ryan's show different?

Ryan set aside the top hat long ago to opt for a paintball gun, Jack Daniels, and borrowed iPhones.

He combines these props with a quick wit and a heavy dose of audience interaction. The result is a high energy, polished show which leaves the audience enthralled.

Is the show family friendly?

Yes! Ryan does not work blue unless requested by the client. His material is appropriate for family audiences and squeeky clean corporate settings.

However, his material is geared for adult audiences. Ryan Kane does not provide children's entertainment.

Two of Ryan's signature pieces include whisky and a paintball gun. Both subjects are addressed tastefully, but can be excluded from the performance if requested.

What are the minimal stage requirements?

  • A performance space at least 4 ft. by 4 ft.

  • Easy access from the stage to the audience- such that Ryan and audience members can enter and leave the performance space quickly and safely.

  • Lighting sufficient to see the performance.

  • Sound projection will be required for all audiences over 40. Ryan can either plug into your event's sound system or can supply his own for audience up to 400.

  • Ryan's show requires consistant attention from his audience. For this reason, Ryan's show cannot be scheduled while the audience is eating. [/accordion_item][accordion_item title="What are the preferred stage requirements?"]

    • The audience seated proscenium, such that they all face the stage from one direction and not surrounding the stage.*

    • Professional lighting, sound, and staging.

    • Access to the performance area before the audience arrives.

    *Many of Ryan's signature stage pieces require this seating arrangement.

How long is the show?

Ryan Kane commonly presents 30, 45, and 60 minute shows, depending upon the needs of his clients. He can also perform shorter or longer sets if needed, though 30-45 minutes seems to be preferred by clients and audiences.

He has close to 120 minutes of polished material for stage/stand up.

How early should we book?

Stage performances are typically booked at least a month in advance.

Use the contact form below to check Ryan Kane's availability for your event.