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Magician Sunnyvale

Interested in booking a magician in Sunnyvale? Consider Ryan Kane, a fresher breed of Sunnyvale Magician, for your event! Sunnyvale magician Ryan Kane has been performing magic for over 14 years, 6 of those years as a full time professional.

Time and time again, Sunnyvale magician Ryan Kane has shown his ability to captivate audiences with magic and comedy. He has been called “complex, clever, and ultimately baffling,” a “true crowd pleaser,” and the Sunnyvale magician clients would “not hesitate to hire again!”

Ryan performs as a:

  • Sunnyvale comedy magician
  • Close up magician Sunnyvale
  • Hire magician Sunnyvale
  • Party magician Sunnyvale
  • Magicians Sunnyvale
  • Hire magicians Sunnyvale
  • Wedding magician Sunnyvale
  • Hire wedding magician Sunnyvale
  • Street magician Sunnyvale
  • Corporate magician Sunnyvale
  • Holiday party magician Sunnyvale

Sunnyvale Magicians

If you are planning a large event and are pressed for time, you may need to book multiple Sunnyvale Magicians. That way you can relax knowing that all of your guests will get to experience great comedy and magic up-close. Luckily, Ryan Kane is will connected with other Sunnyvale Magicians and can organize for a team of magicians to entertain at your event!

Hire Sunnyvale Magician

When you are ready to hire Sunnyvale Magician Ryan Kane, please fill out the short contact form in the upper left. You can also reach us at 916-524-1692. We look forward to hearing from you!